Universal Language

September 12, 2007

Looking at Mathematics, which, I suggest is a Universal Language [L] and can be explored in many ways [L], a good place to start is thinking about how it relates to some you see here and now.


Follow this link [L] for the story of Erwin Schrödinger and even his famous Cat [L] or for a more ‘interesting’ take on the man, read about his Surfboard


David Eppstein’s Junkyard

September 10, 2007

Your here now, and if this is your first time go [here] then [here] and finally [here], that will keep you busy between hits on the pipe.

If you are her form at time before or were alerted that there has been a change, your are probably waiting for me to come up with some deliverables and maybe even a hit or two.

You will have to wait a bit more for the really big stuff, in the meantime, take a trip down the Highway of Light David Eppstein’s, Geometry Junk Yard just off I-405 in Irvine California.

Just case you think you have control of the situation, go here and read this and take a look here


Capilano River


Built The Bridge – Got Over It

September 8, 2007

Lions Gate Bridge II


You are here because you have either done a search looking for Chrystal Meth recipes, met the Red Troll [That be me], or have linked from the other MATH Not METH [v.I]site I have.

This then becomes my new venue, plus a couple of other I have in development. The project, like life, is a work in progress so check back often or go to R-Mail and get the feed.

If you are looking to get stoned on the drug Albert Speer referred to as a substance useful in – ‘Turning the human being into a feral animal which could then be manipulated for the purposes of the Reich’, go somewhere else. [Try Here]

If, however, you are looking for the ride of your life, a way to jog the hippocampus, and get really really jazzed about learning something new, and even being able to sleep when you want to, – Stick around the going, is going to get fun. [You Choose]